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My subscriptions and donations I make to the SOA are to be treated as Gift Aid Donations and I would like the SOA to reclaim tax on them. (* see below)

Notes re Gift Aid

* If the SOA is to reclaim tax on your payments, you must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax equal to 20p for every £1 paid to us. (Gift Aid donors will be notified if this rate changes.) You must notify us if at any time in the future this no longer applies to you, or if you wish to cancel your Gift Aid election.

Subscription Rates

Our current annual subscription is £13 payable on the 1st October each year. For the purpose of setting up a standing order through your bank to make the payment or for making a direct transfer via your online banking service please note that the Association's bank details are HSBC Guildford sort code 40-22-26 account number 90788015. If you wish to pay by cheque please contact the Treasurer by phone or email, details below. Where new members join more than halfway into the subscription year, ie after 1st April, a half rate of £6.50 will apply for the remainder of that year. Student membership is free.

Hon. Treasurer

Roger H. Smith

Tel: 01483 834129


Hon. Secretary

Ian Wickens

Tel: 01252 312410